What makes a great swimming class at Aqua Harmony?

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Looking for a swimming class in Canberra for children aged up to 14 years old? Aqua Harmony Enriched Learning Partnerships can help!

Our Class Levels

We have five class group levels as below. In our Ducks, Frogs and Crocodiles classes we have four class levels. Children are placed in class levels based upon their age and their skills.

Throughout our class levels we teach safety survival skills.

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Approx Age: 4-40 months (4 Levels)
Skills: Cue learning; jump in, down turn around, swim to wall; floating and submersions; short independent swims.

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Approx Age: 3-6 years (4 Levels)
Skills:  Floating; streamlining; bubble breathing; kick technique; back floats; backstroke; longer independent swims.

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Approx Age: 5-12 years (4 Levels)
Skills: Torpedo streamlining; strong kicking; bubble breathe and bubble bubble breathe; backstroke technique; diving and somersaults; breastroke and butterfly; intro to tumble turns.

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Approx Age: 8-12 (Mini Squad)

Skills: Developing stamina; developing butterfly technique; starts, turns and finishes; drills to enhance strokes; 200m continuous freestyle.

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Approx Age: 8-14 (Mini Squad)

Skills: Refining butterfly technique; starts, turns and finishes; building stamina; racing strategies; drills to enhance strokes; 400m continuous freestyle.

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Approx Age: 16+

Lessons: For adults from the nervous beginner and those who are lacking confidence and experience in the water through to those who would like to improve their skills and are in need of stroke correction.

Swim Gear

As both of our pools are indoors, children do not need to wear sun protection clothing to lessons. It is compulsory for children from approx 3½ years and above to wear swim caps. The wearing of caps assists with our water clarity and filtration system. 

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You can purchase all your swim gear from us at reception including cozzies/swimwear, caps, goggles, fins, rashies, mesh bags and swim nappies. Aqua Harmony are stockists for Funkita and Funky Trunks swim gear.

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Swimming class in Curtin

For more information about our swimming classes in Kambah, call us today on +61 2 6231 0765.

Our Terms

At our swim school in Kambah, we run four terms per year, generally in line with the ACT school term periods. Most terms run for a maximum of 10 weeks. However, depending on what day your child swims, your term program may be less than the 10 weeks due to public holidays and/or staff training and development commitments.

We also run school holiday programmes.

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